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ROI Tells the Real Story

ROI Tells the Real Story

ROI Tells the Real Story

Date: 11/15/2021

I don't say this in jest. It is a fact that you can outperform just about any investment vehicle betting on sports if you have a positive ROI. Of course, the higher the better.

I am a person that puts his money where his mouth is. I have invested in sports picks looking for value for quite a while now and I have made a lot of money.

I am not asking you to trust me. Let the data and track records speak to that. My point of this article is to show you the possibilites.

When you base your results on ROI, you are banking on getting a return for every single dollar you put in play.

An example should help here. If you make 5 bets a day and they are all $1000, you have put $5000 in play. If you average 5 plays per day, you will have put $150,000 in play over the course of 30 days, right? 

How about 1 year or 365 days? The answer is $1,825,000. That is correct, over $1.8 million!

Now to the important part and the topic of this article, ROI (Return On Investment).

I am going to use my very own documented results from another sports monitoring service because I just started here at literally yesterday.

I am going to do a simple excercise to try and visually show you the power of ROI.

My Record (Last 30 Days): 102 Wins, 160 Losses an 2 Pushes or 39%.

ROI: 15.1%

First notice the Win Loss record. I only won on 39% of the wagers I made! Are you still with me? LOL.

Now notice the ROI of 15.1%. How important is this and what does it look like in real dollars and cents?

Let's calculate. I made a total of 264 wagers. If I bet the same amount of $1000 on every bet, I would have put $264,000 in play, right? Do the math. 264 * $1000= $264,000.

Now let's figure how much I would have made if I bet a grand on each game. $264,000 * .151 (15.1%) = $39,864. That's not bad for a month, is it?

Annulaized out, it's well of $400,000 for the year, simply making flat bets. There is even more power compunding using fixed % as your wager rather than a flat bet but that's the topic for another piece.

The thing that should jump out at you is the fact that win/loss means nothing if you have an edge.

If you have any questions or need something clarified, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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