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My name is Bucky Lee, owner and operator of Smart Money Sports, a sports betting consultant service. I take my job seriously and my record speaks for itself. I always bet the plays that I give out. I am an expert in analyzing matchups, finding key angles, monitoring the market, and I have access to the best information and most reliable resources in the sports industry. I am committed to selling sports investment advice that works. The reason I sell sports advice is because I am good at it. Honestly, I am not really selling picks, I am selling my time and information. I concentrate on winning through my proven system of 'Selective Value Investing' while adding to my clients bankrolls. I do not look at sports betting in a gambling sense, what we do here is sports investing. I take a wall street style approach to my investments by calculating risk. I do not claim to turn clients into millionaires over night, But I do win year in and year out providing high ROI and turning my clients into millionaires over time. Because I am human, I do have cold streaks from time to time just like anyone else. However, I consistently have winning weeks and more importantly winning months. I treat my clients with respect and more as partners rather than customers. Building that relationship and seeing my clients prosper makes all the hard work worth it. As I mentioned, I am very selective with my plays so if you're looking for a high volume of random picks I am not your guy, But if you're looking for only the strongest 5-7 plays on the board every week and consistent winners, you've came to the right place. Let's get paid!