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Platinum Handicapping

Platinum Handicapping
Member Since 08/19/2016
We are a sports advisory service that understands the economics of an efficient marketplace. Let's get this straight from the beginning : If you are looking for someone who will spew lies and garbage about "inside information" or "fixed games" or "never lost plays" , you need to keep moving because I'm not that guy. I have been closely monitoring sports and the sports betting marketplace for nearly 10 years. Just like anything, handicapping takes time and experience to effectively execute over a period of time. My specialty is finding value in lines that the oddsmakers are putting out there right in front of us. Too many handicappers and bettors spend arduous amounts of time pouring over statistics and situations, ultimately leaving themselves utterly confused. There is a human and instinctual component of sports betting, and I have mastered that over time. I don't follow the "hot" or "trendy" teams, I take the value Vegas is willing to give me. To win in this game, you need to think like an oddsmaker and not like a bettor - that's exactly what I do! If you are ready for steady, consistent handicapping with an eye for value, I am your man. Hop on board today and ride the profit train with the rest of my clients. "Everybody wants to ride the train but nobody wants to pay the toll. "

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