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Welcome to Sonny Powers Sports. Our only goal is to earn your trust, loyalty, and respect. We will work harder than anyone in the industry to provide you with winners everyday. My associates and I spend countless hours every day and week looking for every and any angle we can find on sporting events so we can do our best to bring you the easy winners. Our overhead is low here thus allowing us to provide you with top quality sports picks for a very low cost. We have only one sports handicapper making picks, that is me, Sonny Powers. I have been a top handicapper for almost 20 years. My strong points are college football and baseball but do very well with the NFL too, as reflected in our stats. I have many associates that work for me gathering information and crunching thousands of numbers to try to get the edge but the final decision to release picks will always be mine and only mine. Not too sure about us yet? Glad to here it, you should always be cautious when selecting a service. Give me a chance and you will see that i will make you a profit. Sports gambling is all about money management. If you stick to my plays and don't stray away on your own, I promise I will have you making a profit in no time. I CAN GUARANTEE THAT!!! I feel so strong about my ability to make you money that if I do lose, I WILL GIVE YOU FREE PICKS UNTIL YOU HAVE MADE A PROFIT!!! Want to keep up with us? We are on multiple monitoring sites such as trackpicks, pickmonitor, cappertek, and handicapper watchdog. Follow us to see how well we have been doing. Now who doesn't want to make money? Of coarse we all do, so LET ME MAKE YOU MONEY!!!Thanks for visiting us and have a great season, I know we will.

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